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Self-Discovery Workshop Series for Adults Questioning Autism and Neuroatypicality.

Do you identify as autistic or neurodivergent and have not received a diagnosis?

Have you felt invalidated and misunderstood by the medical model?

Please consider attending our Self-Discovery Workshop Series specifically designed for people like you.

This is a structured three-session workshop series designed for individuals questioning autism or neuroatypicality for whom the traditional assessment methods and medical model are not necessarily the best fit. This is specifically tailored for people who have felt isolated, misunderstood, and invalidated in the medical model and through their own research are identifying with symptoms of autism and/or neurodivergence. Through this workshop series, participants will have a better understanding of themselves and how their unique experiences, challenges, and strengths can be used to support healing, personal growth, and self-accommodation.

We are now accepting participants for our July workshops series. We have a teen/adolescent group and adult group. Please contact Learning Solutions at 413-584-0265 or for more information.

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