Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational Testing

Learning Solutions provides comprehensive and integrative Neuropsychological and Psychoeducational evaluations. 

Learning Solutions offers Remote Telehealth Testing for appropriate individuals. If you are interested in remote testing, please click here to learn more. During your intake appointment, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss whether remote testing is appropriate.

A psychological/neuropsychological evaluation assesses key aspects of development and functioning including thoughts, emotions, mood, behavior, memory, interpersonal relationships, social skills, socio-cultural influences, physical maturation, and health.  Integrating a psychoeducational evaluation into the evaluation helps identify the individual’s strengths and vulnerabilities around core academic areas.

This type of assessment evaluates the whole person to obtain a complete and integrated understanding of the individual in their environment. We place a primary focus on identifying the individual’s unique strengths, competencies, and potentialities.  Recommendations are crafted to create a path that closes the gap between strengths and areas of vulnerability.

To get started and to learn more details about the process of our evaluations click here.


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