Q. Do you provide speech and language therapy?

A. Yes, we provide speech and language therapy in addition to other treatment services.

Q. Does my insurance cover everything?

A. It depends on your individual plan. Generally speaking no insurance authorization is needed for the initial intake appointment. We will discuss this with you prior to your appointment. After the intake appointment, Learning Solutions deals directly with the insurance companies to obtain authorizations and bills for services.

Q. Why do I need an intake?

A. The intake is the first step in our process of working with you. It is a valuable tool in our diagnostic process, and in your understanding of the types of assessments and services we can provide to you.

The initial intake appointment is used to obtain extensive history and background information about the person who is going to be tested.

We also give you important information during the intake. We will explain how testing works.

When working with a child, we explain the process to both the parent(s) and the child. When appropriate we will also meet with the child to understand the child’s perspective on his/her issues and concerns.

Q. How is your evaluation different from a school evaluation?

A. As an independent consultant, Learning Solutions has the freedom to take as much time as needed in assessing each individual. Our business has an extensive library of assessment tools and the resources to keep up to date on the latest assessments in the industry. We can meet with teachers and parents, and also consult with internal specialists to complete our work.

At Learning Solutions, our licensed and professional team has years of experience in diagnosing. We also work closely with a child’s pediatrician or adult family member’s physician to coordinate medical care and provide a diagnosis for medication referrals.

At Learning Solutions we try hard to work closely with school systems. We recognize that teachers have much to offer us in terms of understanding their students. We rely on teachers for specific information to help us make better and more appropriate diagnoses, as well as to develop treatment plans. We ask teachers to complete diagnostic forms and we consult with teachers, special education administrators, and other school officials to help us better understand the student.

Q. To get help, will my child need to have ALL of the evaluations offered by Learning Solutions?

A. No, this is not necessary. Your child will be scheduled only for those evaluations which are appropriate for his or her situation.

During the intake, a team member will explain the various evaluations offered by Learning Solutions for Learning Success. The team member will then discuss your child’s situation with you, and will determine which of those evaluations are appropriate for your child.

Q. Will Learning Solutions help me with my child’s IEP or 504 Plan?

A. Yes, as independent evaluators we can tell you what your child needs, and provide clarity around diagnosis and treatment – critical information for your child’s IEP or 504 Plan.

Learning Solutions can also offer you guidance in your communication with the school.

If needed, for an additional fee, Learning Solutions can attend a IEP or 504 meeting with you.

Q. What is the cost?

A. We accept most insurance plans and we will work with you to obtain all necessary authorizations. At the time of your initial visit you will meet with our office manager who will guide you through the insurance process including any deductibles or co-pays.

The only assessment which is not covered by any insurance policy is the educational evaluation.

Q. My child speaks fine. Why does he / she need a speech and language evaluation

A. Surprisingly, the great majority of learning disorders are language-based. Speech and language evaluations are about more than the way people talk; they include issues of how each person processes language. This includes reading, writing, listening, understanding and expressing language.

Additionally, our speech pathologists provide diagnostics and treatment for speech and language concerns affected by more serious medical issues. If a child has medical concerns such as apraxia of speech or syndromes that affect communication, we can treat these issues as well. Language deficits may be related to other diagnoses, including ADHD and psychological issues.

Language impairment is often overlooked as a problem that can go along with ADHD. A child can have ADHD, a language deficit, or a combination of the two.

Our goal is to analyze, describe, and make recommendations based on an individual’s unique needs.

Q. Will Learning Solutions come to my child’s IEP meeting? Is there a cost, and who pays for it?

A. Yes, we will come if needed. However, we suggest that parents attend the first meeting on their own. Schools are often open and receptive to Learning Solutions’ comprehensive evaluations and may provide your student with services that are consistent with services that we have recommended.

However, if the parents and school cannot agree on the best way to proceed we are more than happy to come to a second IEP meeting. There is an additional charge for attendance at a one hour IEP meeting.

Q. How long before I can get an appointment?

A. During the initial phone call, we will schedule an intake appointment within the following two weeks.

Q. Do you offer counseling?

A.Yes. We offer individual therapy for all ages, as well as group, couples and family counseling. We also offer coaching services for ADHD.

Q. Do you provide speech and language therapy?

A. Yes, we provide speech and language therapy in addition to other treatment services.

Speech and language therapy is an important part of what we do. We understand that it is smart to intervene quickly when speech language problems are identified. We provide intervention that is applicable to communication in daily life, both in school and in other environments.

We also address other language issues, such as those relating to reading and writing.

Q. What is the overall process from the time I call, until I receive my final report?

A. First, you will have a brief Intake phone call with a clinician who is part of the Learning Solutions team, assure that we can answer your questions and be of help to you and your family. Then an initial 2-hour appointment will be scheduled. A parent questionnaire will be sent to you, to fill out and bring to this first appointment. During the 2-hour appointment, we will examine each of your concerns and will take an extensive history. We’ll determine what evaluations will be needed, and we will develop a schedule which will include all testing sessions and a final summary session with the entire clinical team.

You will be asked to sign a contract that commits you to the evaluations. All your insurance questions about payment should have been answered by this point. All future copayments for each session will be collected at this time, and will serve as your deposits. Since each assessment can be up to 3 hours in length, we will schedule separate appointments for each assessment. This may require several different visits to Learning Solutions.

The evaluators at Learning Solutions will meet together before the final meeting, to discuss our findings. Then we will meet with you to discuss the results. This important summary meeting gives you a chance to ask questions of every person who evaluated you (or your child). A written integrated report will be sent to you 4 – 6 weeks after the meeting. This comprehensive document details all your or your child’s areas of strength and weakness, and provides a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Q. What if a school system pays for my child’s evaluation?

A. It is important to understand that our primary concern at Learning Solutions is the adult or child we are evaluating, and the same independent assessment will be completed regardless of who pays for this evaluation.

Most schools require that we send the report to them first if they are the payer. However, we will call you the day the report is faxed to your school. We will set up a meeting with you after the school receives the report.

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