Educational & Academic Services

Psychoeducational/Educational Evaluations

Psychoeducational/Educational evaluations focus on underlying factors that impact learning and can identify learning disabilities (e.g., dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia), as well as identify strengths and vulnerabilities around core academic areas, including reading, writing and math. The assessment will inform remediation strategies that can be implemented within academic settings. These evaluations often include other assessments, including neuropsychological and speech and language testing.

Kindergarten & School Readiness Assessments

We provide consultation, observation and academic screening to identify your child’s strengths and potential challenges in determining appropriateness for kindergarten and/or recommendations regarding school placement. This assessment is appropriate for children aged 4-6.


Learning Solutions provides tutoring to help students become successful and confident in school. Our program is individually tailored to the client’s needs based on their learning style. We teach reading using a variety of programs including Orton Gillingham, Wilson, and Lindamood Bell LiPS. Fluency and comprehension approaches are consistently incorporated into our work with students. We teach writing at the paragraph and essay level, and math curriculum through the college level. In addition, we offer academic support for social studies and science. Please inquire with our office about availability.

Executive Functioning Coaching

We provide coaching, empowering struggling individuals to experience success, however they define it. We do this by meeting academic or job needs in conjunction with executive function and social, emotional and lifestyle needs. We incorporate individualized coaching with parent coaching, school visits, school communication, and home visits. We help individuals develop specific systems and techniques necessary to build their skills. Please inquire with our office about availability


A consultation is the first step for any educational assessment. Consultations also can be a standalone appointment to help you figure out the next step or direction to take. Educational consultations can include primary and secondary school counseling, post-secondary school counseling, reviewing school evaluations or previous educational evaluations, and recommendations on implementing strategies and determine if further testing is necessary.

School Observations, IEP & 504 Plan Meetings

We offer school observations and can attend school meetings, including IEP and 504 Plan meetings. These fall outside of reimbursable services by insurance companies and are an out-of-pocket fee. Please visit insurance & fees for more information.


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