Authorization for Information Exchange

If the client is under 18, please check the box for school and list the names and emails of their primary teachers. We require teachers to complete a survey as part of the evaluation process.

(If client is under 18)

To maximize the effectiveness of our evaluations, we would like to have the ability to contact other professionals working with our client. Unless sooner revoked, this consent expires six months after the last treatment or evaluation session.

I hereby authorize...

Primary Care Physician




Medication Prescriber


Therapist/ Psychologist




Check the box below if we may correspond with anyone at your child’s school or district.


Contact Name



Please include contact information for one or more of your child’s teachers and pertinent school staff, even if you have checked the box above.


Relationship to student (e.g., 2nd grade teacher)


Relationship to student (e.g., 1st grade teacher, math/reading teacher, principal, school counselor, IEP coordinator)


Relationship to student (e.g., math/reading teacher, principal, school counselor, IEP coordinator)

Another parent or guardian



Other release and/or exchange any and all pertinent information relating to to Western New England Integrated Learning Center, LLC (d/b/a Learning Solutions)


Client Name  

Parent/Guardian (if under 18)  

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