Amherst College Partnership

We have partnered with Amherst College to provide consultations and evaluations for students.

In order to be part of the contract, Students must be currently enrolled at Amherst College, and referrals must be made through the Center for Counseling and Mental Health (CCMH). If you have a counselor at CCMH, please ask them whether a referral would be appropriate. If you are not working with anyone at CCMH, the Clinical Case Management team can help you get connected. Please feel free to contact CCMH at 413-542-2354 with any questions.

See below for the steps of these evaluations:


Amherst College contacts Learning Solutions with your referral (after you meet with a clinician there)


You receive an email from our front desk with paperwork to complete within 2 weeks. You will receive up to 2 reminders and then will need to contact Amherst College for a new referral.


Have a consultation with a Learning Solutions clinician. If testing is appropriate you will be scheduled at this time.

Testing Appointments

The client will attend testing appointment(s) as scheduled. Click here to find out what to expect for these appointments.

Summary Meeting

Approximately 2 weeks after the last testing date, client attends a summary meeting over Zoom with the clinician(s) who completed testing to receive feedback. 

Written Report

Client and Amherst College Counseling Center receive a full written report approximately 4-6 weeks after the summary date.

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