READING PROGRAM - Language and Literacy: an Integrated Approach to Reading & Writing

The goal of this language and literacy program is to help children become successful readers so they can enjoy the love of books and be efficient at the writing process. Learning Solutions will begin a program this summer that will continue in the fall, and will provide individualized instruction to students in the areas of reading and written language. Please read the outline below, and call us for more information: 413-584-0265

Students who have been diagnosed with a phonologically-based reading disorder often do not receive enough therapy in the area of phonology, which is one of the primary causes of their reading disabilities (phonologically-based dyslexia). The students in our program will receive intensive speech and language therapy, in conjunction with specialized teaching in reading and writing by a Wilson Certified Teacher .

The integration of speech and language therapy and academic learning is critical to improving the outcome of children’s abilities to read and write. Speech and language treatment and the improvement of phonological awareness skills are the foundation for successful reading. Many children naturally acquire these skills on their own. However, there is a subset of children that need to be explicitly taught phonological awareness skills, which teaches the brain to process and record the sounds in the English language. This leads to improvement in their reading decoding ability.

Our educator will also work with these same children to pair the sounds of our language with the symbols that represent the sounds. This type of instruction leads to the effective teaching of reading. Our educators are trained in the Wilson Method and/or Orton-Gillingham methodology.

Students will improve their writing abilities by learning strategies and organizational structures that mesh with their oral language abilities. If a child is struggling with oral expressive language, written expressive language will be problematic because oral language precedes written language. This program will be structured to improve both oral and written expressive language skills.