Our Process

Inquiry Form

Fill out inquiry form. You must do this even if another provider has sent a referral.


Receive an email from our front office with one of 3 possibilities: (1) request that you schedule a 15 minute initial phone call, (2) complete paperwork, or (3) explain that we are unable to provide the service you are seeking.


If asked to schedule an initial call, this must be completed within 7 days. If asked to complete paperwork, this is to be completed within 2 weeks. Two reminders will be sent. If paperwork is not completed after both reminders, you will need to complete the paperwork and then call to be put back into the system.


Receive a scheduling email from our front office with a date for your consultation. You must respond to this email. Please note that if your insurance covers all or part of the service, you will also receive some information about coverage at this time.


Have a consultation with a Learning Solutions clinician to determine the most appropriate service and whether the assessment meets criteria for medical necessity as required for insurance reimbursement. Learning Solutions will follow up regarding costs as necessary via email.


For evaluations, the client will attend testing appointment(s) as scheduled. Click to find out what to expect during testing for a child or for an adult.

Summary Meeting

Approximately 2 weeks after the last testing date guardians (if the client is under 18) or client (if 18 or over) attends a summary meeting over Zoom with the clinician(s) who completed testing to receive feedback. 

Written Report

Within 4-6 weeks after the summary meeting, the client or guardian will receive the written report.

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