Limits of Our Services

Our testing sessions are generally scheduled as three-hour chunks with breaks. We endeavor to be highly engaging, respect the need to move, stretch, and take breaks as needed. However, if an individual is not able to engage for a three-hour time period in an office setting, we will talk with you to see if another type of evaluation process would be appropriate. 

In addition, we are unable to provide the following:

  • medication or medication consultation
  • neurological (which differs from neuropsychological) services
  • “brain scans” (e.g., EEG, CT/CAT, MRI)
  • forensic evaluation
  • parental fit assessments ( we do not become involved in parent custody disputes)
  • employee capability assessments
  • assessment for dementia/Alzheimer’s 
  • substance abuse assessment/treatment
  • gross motor assessments related to occupational therapy
  • evaluation for individuals who are medically unstable (i.e., if there is a recent or ongoing medical issue that impacts an individual’s thinking, reasoning, academic achievement that has not yet been medically assessed and addressed)
  • evaluations in which the main question has a medical component that has not yet been addressed (e.g.,. psychiatric Lyme)
  • evaluations for individuals who are currently or were recently in crisis (i.e., hospitalized, homeless, currently in an abusive relationship)
  • case management for high acuity situations (i.e. homelessness, food insecurity, abuse)
  • In general, we do not offer assessments in our office for children under 5 years of age or for children not yet in Kindergarten.
  • We do offer an academic readiness assessment for children who are pre-kindergarten age. 
  • If you have a specific question about your young child, please contact us at 413-584-0265.  
  • If you are a REACH client, please click here.

We cannot evaluate when the primary diagnostic question is:

  • bipolar disorder
  • personality disorders
  • psychosis/schizophrenia
  • eating disorder 

According to best practices, the single time-period evaluations that we offer are not appropriate to diagnose these disorders. If someone already has a diagnosis of one of the above and is interested in exploring questions related to areas we do assess, please complete an inquiry form.

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