frequently asked questions

What is the overall process from the time I call, until I receive my final report?

First, you will have a brief Intake phone call with a clinician who is part of the Learning Solutions team, assure that we can answer your questions and be of help to you and your family. Then an initial 2-hour appointment will be scheduled. A parent questionnaire will be sent to you, to fill out and bring to this first appointment. During the 2-hour appointment, we will examine each of your concerns and will take an extensive history. We'll determine what evaluations will be needed, and we will develop a schedule which will include all testing sessions and a final summary session with the entire clinical team.

You will be asked to sign a contract that commits you to the evaluations. All your insurance questions about payment should have been answered by this point. All future copayments for each session will be collected at this time, and will serve as your deposits. Since each assessment can be up to 3 hours in length, we will schedule separate appointments for each assessment. This may require several different visits to Learning Solutions.

The evaluators at Learning Solutions will meet together before the final meeting, to discuss our findings. Then we will meet with you to discuss the results. This important summary meeting gives you a chance to ask questions of every person who evaluated you (or your child). A written integrated report will be sent to you 4 - 6 weeks after the meeting. This comprehensive document details all your or your child’s areas of strength and weakness, and provides a diagnosis and treatment plan.


If you have any questions that are not answered by the information above, please contact our office via email.