frequently asked questions

My child speaks fine. Why does he / she need a speech and language evaluation?


Surprisingly, the great majority of learning disorders are language-based. Speech and language evaluations are about more than the way people talk; they include issues of how each person processes language. This includes reading, writing, listening, understanding and expressing language.

Additionally, our speech pathologists provide diagnostics and treatment for speech and language concerns affected by more serious medical issues. If a child has medical concerns such as apraxia of speech or syndromes that affect communication, we can treat these issues as well. Language deficits may be related to other diagnoses, including ADHD and psychological issues.

Language impairment is often overlooked as a problem that can go along with ADHD. A child can have ADHD, a language deficit, or a combination of the two.

Our goal is to analyze, describe, and make recommendations based on an individual’s unique needs.


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