frequently asked questions

How is your evaluation different from a school evaluation?

As an independent consultant, Learning Solutions has the freedom to take as much time as needed in assessing each individual. Our business has an extensive library of assessment tools and the resources to keep up to date on the latest assessments in the industry. We can meet with teachers and parents, and also consult with internal specialists to complete our work.

At Learning Solutions, our licensed and professional team has years of experience in diagnosing. We also work closely with a child’s pediatrician or adult family member’s physician to coordinate medical care and provide a diagnosis for medication referrals.

At Learning Solutions we try hard to work closely with school systems. We recognize that teachers have much to offer us in terms of understanding their students. We rely on teachers for specific information to help us make better and more appropriate diagnoses, as well as to develop treatment plans. We ask teachers to complete diagnostic forms and we consult with teachers, special education administrators, and other school officials to help us better understand the student.


If you have any questions that are not answered by the information above, please contact our office via email.