Educational Consulting Services

We offer three types of educational consulting:

Meet Our Affiliated Consultant, Shelley Jackson

1. Primary and Secondary School Counseling

Our primary and secondary school counseling focuses on learning about your child’s strengths and needs and providing comprehensive support during your secondary school search including conversations with parents and children, reviewing evaluations as necessary, providing recommendations for school options (public and private), and supporting parents through the application process.

2. Post-Secondary Counseling

Our post-secondary counseling staff expert, Andy Stenson, is experienced and adept at finding schools, colleges, or other opportunities for students with and without disabilities. He works with college-bound students on essays and college applications, as well as interviewing techniques. He can also help students find opportunities in addition to or instead of college.

3. Supporting parents and students to implement recommendations from neuropsychological and psychological reports

We provide supports for parents and schools to implement recommendations from neuropsychological and psychological reports including, for example, matching programs with students’ needs, consulting on behavioral supports, and building a home-school academic program.

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